3 November - 2 December 2018
Shanghai, China
Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai is pleased to present Bright Wild Things, the Solo Exhibition of sculpture by internationally renowned artist Mia Fonssagrives Solow. For this exhibition of new works, Galerie Dumonteil will present at the Shanghai gallery a group of pieces imbued with a totemic presence whose inspiration lies in early modernism and mythology, as well as futuristic iconography.

The sculptures assembled from recycled scraps evoke an animistic world of hybrid creatures composed from discarded household items such as plastic jugs and bottles, written material (newspaper clippings), cardboard and rope. From these materials the masculine, feminine and animalistic robots are then cast in highly polished bronze and aluminum bringing to mind both the representation of robots in early Hollywood films, such as The Tin Man, and a future where all things may become imbued with a life of their own. Transcending the mundane, Fonssagrives Solow’s futuristic bestiary is also rooted in the artist’s personal life; many of the pieces serve as portraits, evoking a specific relationship of the artist.

Through the diverse nature of forms and materials in this exhibition, Fonssagrives examines the ancient natural world, amplifying and reshaping it for a modern, industrial age.