Since 1982, Galerie Dumonteil has assumed a major role in the market of the figurative sculpture. Focusing on modern and contemporary art, the gallery has expanded its space to Shanghai and New York (2012-2019) respectively. While the headquarter in Paris focuses on gathering a permanent collection of artifacts, the branche serves to preserve the zeitgeist of the Interwar Period and promote European artists from this epoch to both Chinese and International audiences through focused, themed exhibitions.

Established in 2008, Galerie Dumonteil’s Shanghai branch, committed to strengthen the collaboration and professional ties within the art scene in Asia, is one of the first Western art galleries involved in the early stage of the burgeoning Chinese contemporary art.

Galerie Dumonteil is renowned for its group and solo exhibitions featuring artists active between the 1930s and 1970s such as François Pompon, Georges-Lucien Guyot, Rembrandt Bugatti, Diego Giacometti, Charles Artus, Marcel Derny, Pablo Picasso, Armand Petersen and Joseph Czaky. Through its extensive networking with artists and collectors, Galerie Dumonteil has become the leading gallery in the field of animal figures and objects depicting nature around the world. For more than 20 years, the gallery has devoted itself to the discovery of and promotion of talented contemporary artists. Today, artists such as Daniel Daviau, Tess Dumon, Jean-Marie Fiori, Eric Pillot, Rubén Fuentes, Hubert le Gall, Lin Guocheng, Wensen Qi, Ugo Schildge, Wang Keping, and Nisky Yu, with their predecessors, share the walls of the gallery’s spaces, creating a truly diverse group of objects for the appreciation of collectors. 

Through a thoughtful selection of artists and objects reflecting the ideologies and aesthetics of the founders, Pierre and Dothi Dumonteil, the gallery builds up an unparalleled taste for its clients by showing selected French art from the 1930s alongside with works by contemporary artists. The gallery’s financial support for sculptors whom it has promoted has been exceptional. Putting much care into the management and distribution of the artist’s works, Galerie Dumonteil out-stands from other art galleries due to its collaboration with artists’ families, various foundations, and artists’ estates. Furthermore, much more than a commercial gallery, Galerie Dumonteil expands its influence and involvement to other sectors of the art industry. The gallery not only offers bespoken art consultancy which aims to help clients form important and valuable collections but also leases objects to museums for special exhibitions.

Regularly collaborating with museums and numerous influential publications, Galerie Dumonteil is member of the Comité professionnel des Galeries d’Art, Carré Rive Gauche, Compagnie Nationale des Experts, Syndicat National des Antiquaires. 
Pierre & Dothi Dumonteil


With a joint diploma in private law and in art history awarded by both the University of Paris and Ecole du Louvre, Pierre Dumonteil, dedicated to the advocation, distribution and connoisseurship in the fields of modern and contemporary art, is a certificated auctioneer who has worked for Drouot, one of the largest and most prestigious auction houses in France.

Ultimately Mr. Dumonteil’s upbringing in Aubusson, a region in France notable for its tapestry industry, not only helped him develop a taste for art at an early age but also a passion for the collection and diffusion of artworks.

In 1982, Pierre co-founded with his wife Dothi their eponymous gallery, focussing on the promotion of Art Deco objects from the 1930s and the works of contemporary artists. Today, Pierre is not only one of the very few but also one of the most important commissioners of sculptures in France.

A registered art expert in sculpture and painting of the 20th and 21st century at CNE, Pierre advises the French government in juristic settlements of artworks as a special consul for the Obersavtoire du Marche de l’Art in France. Holding numerous awards and titles, both Pierre and Dothi are decorated by the French government as Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the artistic scene in France.

A passionate collector with a strong interest in sculptures and porcelain, Pierre has been involved with the prestigious Manufacture de Sèvres in the promotion and distribution of works made by the Manufacture de Sèvres in China by encouraging and arranging collaborations between the Manufacture and artists or, in some cases, sponsoring exhibitions with institutions such as the University Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong. With a passion for the gallery industry at heart and a sharp eye in choosing objects with both market and historical potential, Pierre and Dothi Dumonteil lead the gallery with unique aesthetics and faith in tradition.