LE Trieu Dien was born in 1943 in the Ben Tre Province of Vietnam, he later studied at the Phu Tho Polytechnic College in Ho Chi Minh City. He still works in the city and has featured in exhibitions across Vietnam as well as internationally, he has exhibited in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and France.

Like artists who express stories about love, hardship and past glories, LE Trieu Dien, with over four decades of experience as an artist, recalls the ups and downs of his life through paintings depicting life in the Mekong Delta. His narrative is characterised by simplistic shapes and forms, utilising arrows, triangles, circles and squares in many of his works. Some of these shapes are direct representations of real objects; triangles, for example, represent the roofs of traditional Vietnamese houses. Nevertheless, the true intention of LE Trieu Dien, who searches for his own honest expression, is to surpass mere representation in realism and strive for an abstraction of direct emotions.

As LE Trieu Dien once said, ”People say memories will limit my creativity, but to me, memories inspire my creativity and nourish my emotions day by day." Le Trieu Dien’s canvas is characterised by strokes of different colours, which in effect produces puzzling forms and even unrecognisable imagery; but as the colours vibrate, the rhythms they produce unfold in front of the viewer, creating a unique sense of vibrancy.

The imageries not only appear as Le’s personal narrative of the past, but also serves as a strand of emotions, a force of energy enabling people to achieve direct and intuitive spirituality. The paintings of LE Trieu Dien are enchanting stories, passed from one generation to the next, that inspire universal spiritual experiences within us. Through his paintings, we perceive the flowing of time; we see the past, present and future.


Born in 1943 in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam
Studied at Phu Tho Polytechnic CollegeSaigon
Member of the Vietnamese Association of Fine Arts
Member of the Literature and Art Association of Vinh Long Province


2019 "Reminiscences of the Mekong River", Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai
2015 "Imprint", Galerie Dumonteil, Shanghai
2002 Ham Long Artists Village, HCM City, Vietnam
1995 HCM City Fine Arts Association, HCM City, Vietnam
1971 Culture and Information Centre, Can Tho, Vietnam
1968 Scout Club, Da Nang, Vietnam


2018 “Dialogues”, Clay Gallery Thanh Ha Terracotta Park, HCM City, Vietnam
2015 "Empreintes", Galerie Dumonteil, Paris
2014 “New Painting”, Fine Art Museum of HCM City, Vietnam
2013 Mekong art group exhibition at Fine Art Association of HCM City, Vietnam
2012 Fine Art Museum of HCM City, Vietnam
2011 Fine Art Museum of HCM City, Vietnam
2010 Mekong Art Group exhibition at the Fine Arts Association, HCM City, Vietnam
2007-2008 “Mekong River Life”, The Tien Gang Fine Arts Association, HCM City, Vietnam
2006 HCM City 2006 fine arts creation symposium, Fine Arts Museum, HCM City, Vietnam
2004-2005 Fine Art Museum, HCM City, Vietnam
2004 “Remnants”, Exhibition House, HCM City, Vietnam
2003 “Between the Earth and Water”, Exhibition House, HCM City, Vietnam
2002 Hue Festival, Hue, Vietnam
1998 Mekong Delta Zone, Vietnam
1985-1987 Mekong Delta Zone, Vietnam
1969 Exhibition and Information Hall, Vinh Long


2008 “Bien Bo (Sea and Land)”, Ho Tranh Resort Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam
2006 Hotel Nikko, Hotel Mariott, Malaysia
2000 AsiaPacific Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition, organized by Philip Morris, Metropolitan Building, HCM City, Vietnam
1996-1997 Phillip Moris in HCM City and Tokyo
1991 “Fragrance of Vietnam”, La Rotonde, Paris


2006 2nd prize, Zone VI Fine Art Association of Vietnam
2003 Certificate, Zone VI, HCM City
1989 3rd prize, The Mekong Delta, Dong Thap Province
1985-1987 3rd prize, The Mekong Delta, Angiang province


Earth and Flame (HTV)
The Journey of Earth (HTV)
Public Opinion (VTV3)
Color of Earth (HTV)
Vietnam, The Hidden Charm (HTV)


2023.03.12 – 2023.04.08
DUMONTEIL Contemporary
8 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris
2022.01.22 – 2022.03.12
Shanghai, China
2021.03.20 – 2021.04.30
38 rue de l'Université - 75007 Paris
2019.03.09 – 2019.05.16
Shanghai, China
2017.09.23 – 2017.10.10
Shanghai, China
2015.04.19 – 2015.05.24
Shanghai, China


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