Le Trieu Dien

2021/03/20 - 2021/04/30
38 rue de l'Université - 75007 Paris
Galerie DUMONTEIL Paris is pleased to present "Traces", the solo exhibition of Vietnamese artist Le Trieu Dien (b.1943), featuring a selection of 12 works from his practices during the last two decades.

Like artists who express stories about love, hardship and past glories, LE Trieu Dien recalls his most precious memory through paintings depicting life in the Mekong Delta. His narrative is characterized by simplistic shapes and forms, utilizing arrows, triangles, circles and squares in many of his works. Some of these shapes are direct representations of real objects; triangles, for example, represent the roofs of traditional Vietnamese houses. Nevertheless, the true intention of LE Trieu Dien, who searches for his own honest expression, is to surpass mere representation in realism and strive for an abstraction of direct emotions.

“Traces” is not only a personal narrative of the past but also a strand of emotions that resonate with our own experiences and memories. Interwoven by vibrant colors and dynamic rhythms, Le’s paintings are enchanting stories that inspire universal spiritual experiences within us. Through his paintings, we perceive the flowing of time; we see the past, present, and future.