19 April - 24 May 2015
Shanghai, China
Galerie DUMONTEIL Shanghai is delighted to present the solo exhibition Imprint by the Vietnamese artist, Le Trieu Dien. Imprint, his first solo exhibition in China, features 10 paintings in abstract style, conveying memories and vestiges of time.

Vietnamese artist LE Trieu Dien was born in 1943 in Ben Tre Province and studied at the Phu Tho Polytechnic College in Ho Chi Minh City. He still works in the city and has been featured in exhibitions in Vietnam and abroad, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and France.

Like artists who tell stories about love, hardship, or glory from the past, LE Trieu Dien, now at the age of 72 with four decades as a working artist, recalls the ups and downs in his life through paintings depicting countryside scenery of rivers, vegetation gardens, rice fields, and the life in the Mekong Delta. His narrative is characterised by forms of arrows, triangles, circles, spirals, and squares, some of which are representations of real objects; triangle, for examples, stands for the roof of traditional Vietnamese house. Nevertheless, the true intention of LE Trieu Dien, who searches his own honest expression, passes beyond mere representation in realism and reaches an abstraction of direct emotions.

As LE Trieu Dien once said, "People say memories will limit my creativeness but to me, memories inspire my creativeness and nourish my emotions day by day." On the canvas of LE Trieu Dien, strokes of different colours produce puzzling forms, even unrecognisable imagery; but as the colours vibrate, the rhythm they produce unfold in front of the viewers giving his paintings a fourth dimension of time. The imagery not only appears as a personal narrative of the past, but also becomes a strand of emotions, a force of energy enabling people to achieve direct and intuitive spirituality. The paintings of LE Trieu Dien are enchanting stories, passed from one generation to the next, that inspire universal spiritual experiences in us.

Through his paintings, we perceive the flowing of time; we see yesterday, today, and future.