Le Trieu Dien

2023/03/12 - 2023/04/08
DUMONTEIL Contemporary
8 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris
DUMONTEIL is pleased to present Stream at DUMONTEIL Contemporary Paris. Featuring up to 20 pieces of the artist's most recent work, LE's unique "figurative abstract" narrative incorporates images, motifs, and ancient characters of various ethnic groups and religions that permeate the daily life of Vietnam. He expands the spatial and temporal dimensions of the canvas with rhythmic colors, lines, and brush strokes, telling his life stories through the colorful canvas that resembles the palette of the Mekong River.

Like artists who express stories about love, hardship, and past glories, LE Trieu Dien, with over four decades of experience as an artist, recalls the ups and downs of his life through paintings. Based on his memory, he depicts the natural scenery around the Mekong River and the social and cultural life of multi-ethnic integrations, among which we frequently observe the representation of the river, fields that grow veggies and rice, and the everyday life of the habitant near the Mekong Delta.

For Le Trieu Dien, memories are the fundamental inspiration for his creation. The memory is bittersweet for him: There is certainly the emotional trauma of being born in turbulent times and experiencing the war. Nevertheless, the memories bring back more of the attachment to his hometown, the Mekong River region, and his joy to keep painting without ever feeling tired.

Le Trieu Dien’s canvas is characterized by strokes of various colors, which in effect produce puzzling forms and even unrecognizable imagery; but once the color vibrates, immediately the rhythms unfold a unique sense of vibrancy in front of the viewer. The fourth dimension, time, is thus created.

In this way, LE Trieu Dien's images no longer remain personal narratives of the past but become rich emotional expressions that strike the viewer with a powerful energy that goes straight to the spiritual level of intuition. His stories are compelling and consistent, inspiring us with a spiritual resonance. Through his paintings, we perceive the flow of time by witnessing the past, present, and future.