Group Show

Abed Al Kadiri Camille Cottier
Marie de Villepin
Yanis Khannoussi
Léonard Martin
Matisse Mesnil
Izumi Kato
Ayako Rokkaku
2023/06/01 - 2023/07/29
DUMONTEIL Contemporary
8 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris
We are pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of the exhibition called PANEL, on the theme of a color.

The concept is to bring together different artists and create a dialogue around a common dominant color and these through several mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, ... as well as with different techniques and artistic approaches.

Pink, is the color of romance and childhood! Throughout art history, the color pink has been used in various ways to evoke different moods, symbolize emotions, and convey meaning. Its associations with femininity, delicacy, romance, and playfulness have made it a versatile and intriguing color for artists to explore. Pink is an elegant, springtime, and intense color. 

Often associated with love or seduction, pink is also the color of delicacy and innocence.” DUMONTEIL is delighted to present PANEL Pink, group show with the artists: Abed Al Kadiri, Tamaris Borrelly, Camille Cottier, Tess Dumon, Marie de Villepin, Hugo Deverchère, Charles Hascoët, Weng Jijun, Yanis Khannoussi, Hubert Le Gall, Léonard Martin, Matisse Mesnil, Izumi Kato, Eric Pillot, Ayako Rokkaku, Ugo Schildge.