2019/11/22 - 2020/01/04
Paris, France
'The work of Rubén Fuentes is an ode to the symbiosis of mineral, animal, vegetal and human in his intellectual way of understanding the world reflected by the Animism of the ancient civilizations.

Faithful to his militant concern for the defence of species and by constantly recalling their endangerment, Rubén Fuentes invites us to ponder the fundamental question of our coexistence on Planet Earth through his works.

It is this coexistence, bellicose or pacific, on which our survival depends.
The disappearance of either shall turn into a prophecy of humanity's demise.'
Pierre M. Dumonteil 

'Our biosphere is fragile, it can be destabilized if we destroy its components irresponsibly without understanding the complex network of its interdependency.'
Rubén Fuentes