11 September - 17 September 2017
Booth S31
Grand Palais
A Garden of Eden
By Camille ROCHE, Rembrandt BUGATTI, Georges-Lucien GUYOT and Charles ARTUS
Focus on the Mortola Gardens
By Camille ROCHE
From the 11th to 17th September 2017, on the occasion of the 29th edition of the Biennale des Antiquaires, Galerie DUMONTEIL will present a series of exceptional works along the theme of a “Terrestrial Paradise“.

On the walls, the “The Mortola Gardens“ by Camille ROCHE, creating a universe of verdure in trompe l’œil, peopled with a series of animal sculptures on pedestals showcased within the setting of a white wooden terrace, a strong reminder of the exterior spaces of the gardens of the Villa “Le Roc“.

At the center of its booth, Galerie DUMONTEIL will present one of Camille ROCHE’s most iconic works, an ensemble of nine wooden panels realized by the artist using oil paint to illustrate the famous “Mortola Gardens“. Created for the Villa “Le Roc“, the property of Lord and Lady CHOLMONDELEY in Juan-les-Pins in 1937. This is the first time that it has been presented in France.

Alongside these panels majestic bronze sculptures from emblematic artists of the gallery will be displayed; Rembrandt BUGATTI, Georges-Lucien GUYOT and Charles ARTUS. Exotic, wild and domestic, these animals will bring this garden to life.

After having spent more than thirty- ve years in a private collection the “Deux éléphants se suivant“ by Rembrandt BUGATTI, the celebrated sculptor of the 20th century, will be unveiled to the public. The chiseling and the patina underline each detail of the elephants’ musculature translating their power and movement. It is the only known work by the artist to represent two adult elephants.

George-Lucien GUYOT’S “Orang-Outang“ (Orangutan) will also be a part of this fauna. While his right hand tightly grips the base, the imposing animal seems to let his right hand relax, its palm facing the sky. Its serious expression underlines the power of attracting the spectator’s attention, appearing as if a wise antique.

Less than 10 bronzes of this Orangutan cast by Meroni Radice Foundry or Susse Frères Foundry have been identified; these pieces have been kept as part of a private collection for 25 years.

The third majestic and unseen work is a life-size significant sculpture of a “Paon“(Peacock) by French artist Charles ARTUS. With its remarkable patina reinforcing its unique character, its long tail draws an elegant curve, reaching down to the ground. Its provenance is directly linked to the private collection of Charles ARTUS’ nephew, it will also be revealed to the public for the first time on the gallery’s booth at the Biennale des Antiquaires.