2018/12/07 - 2019/01/20
Paris, France
As part of its program of "contemporary" exhibitions, Galerie DUMONTEIL is pleased to present for the first time in Paris, the work of Tess DUMON.

Young talented artist in the new French scene, the top one of her year at Central Martins College London, Tess DUMON sculpts, draws and paints, with poetry, metal and paper. Through her installations, she creates an original dialogue between mediums and thus tells the story of her contemporary myth.

Entitled "Aim for the Heart", this very first solo show is the result of an exploration of the relationships of conquest and duality between men and women in our contemporary societies through the reinterpretation of the universal and ancestral themes of Greek mythology.

From Artemis & Actaeon to Callisto & Arcas, via the symbolism of animal form, Tess Dumon transforms stories into experiences. Attracted by the tragic and dramatic dimension of the everyday life that surrounds us, she places the viewer at the heart of her work so that he becomes the main actor of his personal dream world, thus making it universal.