Bright Wild Things

8 March - 30 April 2018
New York, USA
Galerie Dumonteil is pleased to present Bright Wild Things, the Solo Exhibition of sculpture and painting by internationally renowned artist Mia Fonssagrives Solow. This mystical exhibition, opening with an exclusive reception on March 8th, 2018, will feature figurative sculptures of diverse robot animals in bronze. Reminiscent of spiritual totems, these recognizable figures are reformed and reimagined for a modern age through Fonssagrives compelling eye.

From Meerkats and Baboons to Rabbits and Terriers, Fonssagrives translates animals from all walks of life through the lens of the industrialized world. While primarily figurative, these works use a minimal abstraction to breathe new life into everyday subjects.

This highly anticipated exhibition will also feature several sleek, yet colossal contemporary sculptures of animals in polished wood and debut Fonssagrives’ vibrant series of never-before-seen animal portraits. Maintaining the playful nature of Fonssagrives’ aesthetic voice in the use of shape, color, and materials, these painted and textured portraits are markedly intimate: a crouching jaguar arrests the viewer with its full gaze the moment before it springs forward to pounce, a layered elephant, slightly abstracted in a nod to the art deco aesthetic, stands tall in weathered grey paint against a blank sienna backdrop, seemingly a monument to his long, mysterious history.

Through the diverse nature of forms and materials in this exhibition, Fonssagrives examines the ancient natural world, amplifying and reshaping for a modern, industrial age.
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