2023/11/30 - 2024/03/16
DUMONTEIL Contemporary
8 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris
DUMONTEIL Contemporary is pleased to celebrate the 30th anniversary of collaboration with the artist Daniel DAVIAU. On the occasion of this event, the gallery presents a collection of about twenty previously unexhibited works that will be in the public eye for the very first time at the artist’s solo exhibition titled "Anima" at 8 rue d’Aboukir, Paris.

The words "Anima" and "Animal" have two distinct meanings, despite the fact that they share a common Latin etymological root. "Anima" alludes to the soul or the breath of life, often evoked in philosophical circles to describe the vital principle of animating beings, whether humans or animals. It is also commonly used to describe the inner essence or profound individuality of a being, while the term "Animal" describes a living and mobile being.

Daniel Daviau, renowned for capturing the animal spirit in striking works, has adopted a unique method of stylisation and simplification of form. His loving creations capture the personality of each animal. The bronze that gives these creatures life reveals the beauty and strength of each animal through clean lines and simplified volumes, testifying to the artist’s deep understanding of form and movement.

Daviau goes beyond simple representation by breathing unique life and personality into each of his creations, demonstrating his exceptional talent and mastery of contemporary figurative sculpture. His work brings a new and emotional dimension to the representation of animals in art, positioning him as a key figure in contemporary art, fascinating and inspiring art lovers across the world.

His exhibition offers an entrancing immersion into the animal kingdom. By amalgamating his artistic expertise with an unparalleled sensibility, Daniel DAVIAU invites us to re-evaluate our relationship with Nature and to rediscover the beauty unique to the animals with whom we share the planet.

DUMONTEIL Contemporary is honoured to showcase the works of Daniel Daviau, whose artistic vision effortlessly transcends the confines of sculpture to seize the very essence of animate life. We thus pay tribute to the creativity and passion of Daniel DAVIAU, as well as to the longevity and prosperity of our deep friendship.