8 September - 10 September 2017
Booth C05
Shanghai Exhibition Centre
For its 4th participation in “Photofairs Shanghai”, Galerie Dumonteil will be delighted to present the works from French photographers: Eric Pillot and Jean-Daniel Lorieux. Among them, the booth will feature on the works of Eric Pillot this year.

Born in 1968, Eric Pillot was awarded by several prestigious prizes. Focusing on the theme of animal and architecture, his series “In Situ” is full of sense of humanity. This series brought him the “Prize HSBC for the Photography” in 2012, and he was awarded by french fine-art academy the “Prize Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière” in 2014. The later one supported him to realise the series “In Situ U.S.A”.

He discovered photography when he was studying at Ecole Polytechnique (major in Mathematics), and worked as an engineer for several years at the French Ministry of Defense. In recent years, his works focused on the relationship between human beings and nature. In 2004, he photographed the polar bears underwater. Since then, several series of his works have been devoted to the animals, which he photographed poetically in the enclosed space of numerous zoos in Europe. Firstly in black and white, then in color, the series “In Situ” is still going on. “Horizons” series begun in 2013, which is his first work dedicated to the landscape, capturing air, wind, water, earth, sand that flow in the nature. Eric Pillot’s landscapes, heated to incandescence (a very strange word to describe this area of northern France between land and sea), might be mirages, creating distance within distance. The power of horizons makes the surfaces abstract; the symmetry of sky and sea appear to be reversed. 

"Horizons, people say, move away as you move towards them. They can absorb and swallow you. Eric Pillot remains strangely calm despite advancing to the point where sand turns to snow and cloud, water turns into pasture, the sky into sea, and vice versa. […] The photographer surrenders to the powers of light, the nooks and crannies of the winds, water, sand and land. Soils flooded at high tide hesitate to define themselves - salt marshes, mud flats, swamps, estuary - at low tide. The earth becomes saturated with water and salt, the sludge is fertile, the sand forms a snowfield swept by a lashing wind. […] Each photo in the Horizons series seems to be its own potential negative. Black and white attract each other and could swap places. Thus the horizon, splitting the surface in half, sometimes with a clean line and no border, is seen not only as a dividing line but as the factor uniting black and white, night and day. " --- Amina Danton

His photographs have been the subject of numerous articles by French and foreign press. Since 2008, his works have been presented in around 60 exhibitions in Europe and Asia. His first monograph In Situ, prefaced by Serge Tisseron, was published by Actes Sud edition in 2012, then In Situ 2 published by La Pionnière edition. In May 2017, La Pionnière Edition published the monograph Horizons, with a special article written by the famous writer Amina Danton on the collection.

Galerie Dumonteil will present the representative works from Eric Pillot in the Main pavilion of the fair, booth C05.