LE GALL Hubert
23 March - 26 March 2017
Booth 59
234 Rue de Rivoli
"A special mise-en-scène uniting art and design in order to recreate a true collector’s salon"
From 22 to 26 March 2017, for the occasion of the 21st edition of PAD Paris, the Dumonteil Gallery celebrates the animal in a selection of design pieces, sculptures, paintings and photography from emblematic artists.

Through the works of Hubert Le Gall, Jean-Marie Fiori, Daniel Daviau, Eric Pillot, Jean- Claude Meynard and Rubén Fuentes, among others, the gallery has put together a mise- en-scène bringing together art and design to recreate a real collector’s salon.

Bestiary furniture
By Hubert Le Gall and Jean-Marie Fiori

In this space, a collection of bestiary furniture will be on display, composed of animal pieces from the playful designer, Hubert Le Gall. In particular, there will be “Console aux Cerfs” (Deer Console), presented for the first time in Paris, borrowing elegance and poetry, combined with the strength of the bronze and the nobility of the wooden tray, creating a pure and supple design.

Also on display will be two remarkable pieces by Jean-Marie Fiori: a “Tête d’Ara’ (Macaw Head) and a “Tête d’Ours Polaire“ (Polar Bear Head). The former, in Sévres bisque, is the culmination of the collaboration between the Dumonteil Gallery, its artist and the celebrated Manufacture de Sèvres (The Sèvres Porcelain Manufacturer). This immaculate piece, monumental in its size, is a masterpiece in its beauty and technical execution, translating the finesse of the graphic purity of Fiori’s design.

The second, the “Polar Bear Head” is a unique piece that the artist cut directly from an Alabaster block. This piece is emblematic and has simultaneously a raw and delicate sensibility.

The animal pieces
By Marcel Derny and Daniel Daviau

In the library, a selection of modern pieces will give prominence to the 1930s and 50s, most notably a collection of stoneware pieces by Marcel Derny.

The Dumonteil Gallery is particularly honored to present new work from Daniel Daviau, the contemporary French sculptor- rewarded on several occasions and whose work is part of major private collections around the world- entitled “Jeune Hippopotame“ (Young Hippopotamus), a life-sized piece made specially for the occasion of PAD 2017.

Photography and pictorial works
By Eric Pillot, Jean-Claude Meynard and Rubén Fuentes

Lastly, the walls of the salon space will be decorated by the series of photographs entitled, “In Situ” and “In Situ – United States” by Eric Pillot, an artistic project that has received several prizes (HSBC, Académie Française Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière).

Also on display will be “Pegasus”, a piece from the series “Fractal Bestiary” by Jean-Claude Meynard, made exclusively for Dumonteil Gallery.
Finally, emerging contemporary artist, Rubén Fuentes– who has exhibited at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in 2015, then in December 2016 at the Dumonteil Gallery where he conceived an exclusive series of work around the theme of the animal figure, seen from the perspective of dreams and shamanism.