1 May - 3 May 2016
Booth C33 & C34
Agricultural Exhibition Centre of China
For the 5th participation in Art Beijing, Galerie DUMONTEIL presents some contemporary artworks in various forms and created by different mediums, the artists come from disparate cultural backgrounds and live in different times, they experience the world and record their feelings in their own context, therefore convey their self-perceptions in peaceful and eternal aesthetic language.

Daniel Daviau’s animals, which often appear in childhood dreams, are curious, peaceful, food-lover, and slightly mocking. They bring us the fragrance from a distant land that is almost forgotten.

French artist Jean-Claude MEYNARD is considered as one of the major founders of fractal art. His work is focused on the exploration of the complexity of reality and the place of humans within it.

Clément BORDERIE describes himself as the maker of the machines that create paintings rather than a sculptor or painter. He allows the environment interact with his matrices to track and form the image.

French artist Wensen Qi (original name Vincent Cazeneuve) now lives in Chongqing, China. Following the steps of the local masters, he gradually learned the secret of lacquer, as well as the traditional Chinese culture centred around this particular form of art.

As one of the first contemporary sculptors in China, Wang Keping exploded into the contemporary art scene in the late 1970s, being a founding member of the early Beijing contemporary art group “The Stars (Xing Xing)”, which fervently championed artistic freedom in China. After settling down in France 1984, he shifted to a more naturalistic way of working. His works evoke variously grotesque deformity, sensual beauty, and sublime abstraction.