No Man’s Land

2019/03/29 - 2019/04/30
Paris, France
Galerie Dumonteil is delighted to present "No Man's Land", the solo exhibition of Belgium artist Henk van Rensbergen (Brussels, 1968). As a Boeing 787 airplane pilot and a photographer, the artist takes pleasure to explore the empty buildings of our times. In his latest project “No Man’s Land”, Van Rensbergen creates an imaginary anthropomorphic world where mankind has disappeared and only animals inhabit, showing undeniably human behavior...

Similar to the question regarding the fate of humanity raised by French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour in his book Where to land? (Où atterrir?), Van Rensbergen’s work empathizes the pain of human survival through the perspective of animals when confronted with the ongoing “sixth extinction” of the planet.

Van Rensbergen's work and devotion to photography have been widely covered by various media around the globe, including broadcasts, newspapers, magazines, web pages. His works are featured in various museum exhibitions, including the MIAT Museum, Ghent, Belgium (2007); the Museum of photography, Aalst, Belgium (2009); the M Museum in Leuven, Belgium (2013); Musée de la Poste, Paris, France (2013); the Concert Hall Bruges, Bruges, Belgium (2017), etc. The Belgian Publishing House Lannoo has published six catalogues for his two series, “Abandoned Land” and “No Man's Land”.