Vincent Cazeneuve

2020/07/11 - 2020/08/29
Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai is proud and privileged to present Wandering, a solo exhibition of critically-acclaimed French artist Wensen Qi (formerly known as Vincent Cazeneuve, b. 1977, Toulouse region, France), gathering 15 pieces of his most prominent installation creations over the past year. Covering Wensen Qi's latest explorations with lacquer art and composite materials, the exhibition seeks to reveal the rich material-based experiences and touches embedded in his ultra-simplistic aesthetic style. The title Wandering not only points to the trials with various natural materials by the artist, who has been traversing both eastern and western cultures, but also depicts the nature within the aesthetics context, celebrating and contemplating the essence of nature and the circle of life.

After The Enduring Practices of Lacquer, staged in Shanghai (2018) and Paris (2019), Wandering marks yet another zoom-in on traditional lacquer art in the contemporary discourse as well as an attempt to showcase the celebrated artform's aesthetics and values under the new perspective. As the Asian branch of a French art gallery, Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai has always been committed to cultural exchanges between the East and the West, in particular, dialogues between China and France, as it pursues possibilities to foster diversified dialogues in the art field. And the upcoming solo exhibition of Wensen Qi also manifests the gallery's attention to and active support for rising young artists.