Galerie Dumonteil is delighted to present The Carnival of the Animals, featuring 33 pieces/sets of works from 11 artists, covering sculpture, mixed media on panel, and photography. An attempt to tap into public space, the exhibition took place jointly at the gallery and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, creating a unique audio-visual experience for the audience. 

Throughout the history of art, animals remained one of the most represented subjects — the single-line depiction of the prehistoric Lascaux caves, the source of symbolism in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the attention to "humanity" after the First World War, and more diverse messages in today’s art world. There has always been a desire for dialogue with the animals. This group exhibition serves both as a review of the creation of modern animal sculptures, and as a quest for the meaning and value of animal art in the contemporary context.

The exhibition hopes to bring the public attention to the global environment through the wonderful vision of “the celebration of the animals”. The voice of art is more precious than ever as the world joins hands to overcome the current adversity.