2024/05/09 - 2024/05/12
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Dumonteil is thrilled to announce its participation in the 2024 Taipei Dangdai art fair, showcasing captivating works by Vincent Cazeneuve, Liane Chu, and Wang Keping. We endeavor to present diverse perspectives and artistic sensibilities to the Taiwanese public. While Wang Keping has already established himself as a prominent artist, Cazeneuve and Chu, both successful in their artistic careers, will be making their debut in Taipei, adding an extra layer of excitement to this project.

Vincent Cazeneuve (b.1977, Toulouse) discovered Chinese lacquer, a medium that could be in osmosis with his creativity in his 30s, which led to his relocation from Paris to the deep mountain areas of Chongqing, China. His work mirrors his philosophy of constant evolution and the enduring passage of time, expressed through abstract spiritual vibrations. Three of his latest creations, reflecting this profound quest, will take center stage on the booth's main wall.

Wang Keping (b.1949, Beijing) is widely recognized as a significant contributor to contemporary sculpture. After arriving in France in 1984, he shifted from his early political engagement to embrace a more universal form of art, focusing on wood as a living material with expressive capabilities. The culmination of his artistic process involves direct carving and bronze casting. In our booth, Wang's transformative journey will be showcased through two sculptures: "Cry (1984)" and "Bird (2009)."

Liane Chu (b.1997, Hong Kong) creates surreal landscapes that double as a biographical portrayal of her personal experience with Tourette’s syndrome. Her artistic practice serves as a cathartic outlet, where each twitching stroke challenges societal norms of 'normal' and 'abnormal.' Through her art, Chu depicts her struggles while cultivating hope and tranquility amidst life's chaos, as evidenced by the powerful, roaring slashes that disrupt comforting gradients in her work.