Aubert 2 Vase (décor de Albert Martine 69.30) | Sèvres

Albert Martine (1888-1983)
1927 (forme)/1930 (designs)/ 2015 (édition)
Porcelain de Sèvres
H. 37 cm, D. 20 cm
Since the 18th century, Sèvres porcelain is the fusion of Art, Savoir-faire, and Power, with all combined to pursue the exquisite - the absolute perfection. In the early 1930s, Sèvres renewed its forms and decorative elements, inspired by the geometric lines of Cubism. The great figures of Art Deco Movement were invited to create for Sèvres: designer Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, De Nerville; painter Albert Martine, Pierre Jacquot, Maurice Bisson; renowned animal sculptor Marcel Derny among others. In 2014, Sèvres rediscovered a series of drawings from the National Collection of Musée Nationale de Sèvres to create the vases from the 1930s, which mostly had never been realised at that time.