Ce que l’Horizon nous cache

2022/07/01 - 2022/09/10
8 rue d’Aboukir - 75002 Paris
What the horizon hides from us

The horizon interests me in what it represents as an immaterial concept. A line, endless, that can be found at any moment, which always exists only from a given subjective position.

And since it only exists from a defined position, its continuation is therefore by definition beyond reach. I try to put colour into these imagined phenomena, impossible to perceive, which would be precisely behind this concept of the endless line.

This notion of infinity interests me, I find it in the perception of this line but also in the use of the gradient which initiates a form of transition in continuous development.

This notion is also a state of change that is found in the constant movement of the Star.

—— Yanis Khannoussi