2020/11/11 - 2020/11/15
Booth A220
Shanghai Westbund Art Center
For the 2020 Westbund Art & Design Fair, DUMONTEIL’s booth features more than 30 works from eleven Chinese and international artists, including recent creations from the gallery’s recently discovered young talents — Hugo Deverchère, Tess Dumon, Charles Hascoët, Maki Ohkojima and Ugo Schildge. In the mean time, the booth emphasizes on the interaction of sculpture, limited design and mixed-media, through latest bronze design pieces by Jean-Marie Fiori, Aluminum and stainless steel sculpture by Tess Dumon, Chinese lacquer on mixed media by Vincent Cazeneuve, and plasters and mixed techniques on wood panel by Ugo Schildge, breaking the traditional classification of artworks from the sole perspective of creativity.

The booth also features different types of paintings and drawings, sculptures and cyanotype prints, among which includes acrylic and oil painting by Rubén Fuentes, oil on canvas by Charles Hascoët, Acrylic and pencil on paper by Maki Ohkojima, acrylic painting by Nisky Yu, bronze sculptures by Daniel Daviau and Wang Keping, and cyanotype prints from near-infrared shooting images by Hugo Deverchère. Each individual artist has used his or her own artisitic language and unique style to share their thoughts and feelings, providing us with refreshed perspectives on topics revolving our existence as humans and our connections with others.