27 January - 29 January 2017
Booth B10
Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
For the debut exhibition at Photo San Francisco 2017, Galerie DUMONTEIL brings the works from three established European photographers.

The signature artist of the gallery, the French photographer Eric Pillot (born in 1968), documented poetic melancholy of zoo animals in confined artificial spaces, reflecting on the relation between animals and human beings. After he was awarded Le Prix de Photographie Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière by the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 2014, he traveled to the United States and created his new series “In Situ - The United States”. The gallery will also present Pillot’s latest series “Horizons”, which explores the desolated seascape where he travelled regularly to grasp every pulse and breathe of the natural landscape.

The works of world-renowned Italian photographer Willy Rizzo (1928 - 2013) capture some of the greatest names of the golden age of photojournalism, including Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, etc., with his unprecedented originality in portrait. The recent exhibition “CHANEL” by Willy Rizzo at Galerie DUMONTEIL New York showcases the emblematic images of Coco Chanel and has received great success.

In parallel to the works of Willy Rizzo, the portraits by Jean-Daniel Lorieux (born in 1937) are the testimony of the fashion photography from the 1970s. Lorieux was the first fashion photographer who freed his models from the confined space of the studio by recreating life in their laughter under natural sunlight. In the eyes of the contemporaries, he is a myth of the photography art, as well as a master who has endowed fashion photography with a new vision.