The Enduring Practices of Laquer

1 September - 28 October 2018
Shanghai, China
Galerie Dumonteil is very pleased to present The Enduring Practices of Lacquer, a dual solo exhibition of Chinese artist Weng Jijun and French artist Wensen Qi, featuring two artists’ most recent practice in lacquer painting as well as their thoughts and contemplations on this traditional art form during the contemporary era.

The practice of lacquer is not only a craft that has been passed down from ancient China but also a physical and spiritual journey to all the lacquer art learners. Lacquer painting has its roots in China dating back over 2000 years while archaeological findings indicate the use of lacquerware in the Neolithic Age 7,000 years ago. Painting with lacquer has always been a meticulous, long and complex process. It requires great skills and even greater attention; fortunately the hard work is rewarded by its durability, allowing the artwork to remain bright and resplendent for centuries. It is not exaggerated to say that lacquer art only opens its door to the most determined and devoted, and both artists here belong to this category.

Through the enduring practices of Weng Jijun and Wensen Qi, the exhibition engages us in discussions over the new directions of this genre as well as lacquer, the material itself, and further calls for refreshed perspectives on the aesthetics and values attached to this enduring art. As the Asian branch of a French gallery, Galerie Dumonteil (Shanghai) regularly hosts exhibitions dedicated to dialogues and academic exchanges between Chinese and French artists in diverse fields of art.