My Side of the Mountain

2022/09/07 - 2022/10/15
Shanghai, China
My Side of the Mountain, the solo exhibition of French artist Vincent CAZENEUVE, showcases his most recent practice after his resettlement in the Daba Mountains in central China, encompassing his insightful research into ancient Yi (ethnic group) lacquer culture, while continuing his exploration of materials and craftsmanship across time.

Cazeneuve’s continuing research into the history of lacquer and its related traditional crafts has been an important catalyst for his work, enabling him to break the constraints of traditional lacquer concepts and create his own ‘abstract totem’.

The millennia-old lacquer culture of the Yi people has been the artist’s focus over the past two years. The piece inspired by the ancient Yi leather armor is one of the exhibition highlights. In addition to Yi lacquer culture, some of the works also incorporate the eggshell inlay and mother-of-pearl inlay techniques of traditional Chinese lacquer, as well as the coiling and weaving techniques of rattan and bamboo prevalent in Southeast Asian lacquer.

The exhibition also offers an overview of the artist’s practice during the past few years with several large-scale works, including a five-panel folding screen inspired by the Art Deco period and the artist's largest rice-bag-fabric supported lacquer piece to date.

Mountains alter how we perceive time. The exhibition takes the viewer to Vincent Cazeneuve’s Side of the mountain, an otherworldly working and living environment surrounded by lacquer trees and bamboo forests.
10 September 2022
Artist fulfils dreams of lacquer in Daba Mountains SHINE News