Galerie Dumonteil is honored to participate the 4th edition of “Un Dimanche à la Galerie” organized by the Comité Professionnel des Galerie d’Art (Professional Committee of Art Galleries), who presents an exceptional opportunity to spend an exciting Sunday in art galleries across Paris, opens a moment of discovery and dialogue between artists, critics, professionals and amateurs.

The gallery prepared a selection of sculptures, paintings, drawings and lacquers of the great artists "animaliers" of the 30s. More than 40 works showcase in this exhibition titled The Great “Animaliers” of The Interwar Period.

Amongst these artists, Georges-Lucien GUYOT (1885-1973), one of the greatest animaliers of the 20th century, whose success and renown was substantial throughout the 1930’s, however his reputation was consecrated in 1972 when he won the ‘Edouard-Marcel Sandoz’ Prize. His strong sense of character portrayal and his unending artistic concern to express animals’ inner-feelings has made Guyot a legend.

Joseph Csaky (1888 - 1971) was one of the founding members of UAM (l’Union des artistes modernes, a movement made up of decorative artists and architects founded in France in 1929). Two of Csaky’s sculptures were recently featured in the exhibition, UAM, A Modern Adventure at Centre Pompidou. His work is marked by a Cubist understanding of space, with planes transformed into abstract architectonic forms.

Galerie Dumonteil curating this exhibition is meant to lead the audience to explore the universe of "animalier" art of the 30s and experience the excellence talent of animaliers and the natural elegance and beauty of the animals.