The Bronze

2012/10/28 - 2012/12/16
Shanghai, China
October / Sinan Mansions-Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai will hold an exhibition of bronzes by the world reputed sculptor WANG Keping. WANG Keping was considered as “one of the few artists with the capacity to influence the evolution of contemporary art” by curator of the Maillol Museum of Paris. The artist will bring approximately 20 bronzes transferred from wooden sculptures. It is the first bronze exhibition for WANG in China since his very first two artworks in the early 80s, which are “Silence” and “Idol”. Most of the sculptures base on the themes that he is good at, which are “woman”, “bird” and “couple”. A nearly two-meter high sculpture – “La dame” will also be exhibited in the public space of Sinan Mansions. It is one of the most representative works of WANG. The artworks of WANG are constantly evolving, from “primitive art” in his early works towards simplified figures, uplifted breasts, fluttering hair, hugging couple and elegant perched birds. His sculptures show perfectly the natural veins and texture of wood, and come into a different level and stage using Bronze with sophisticated quality.