Tess Dumon
Les liens invisibles

2021/12/10 - 2022/01/29
DUMONTEIL Contemporary
8 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris
DUMONTEIL Paris is pleased to present “Les liens invisibles (Invisible Links)”, the solo exhibition of Tess DUMON at DUMONTEIL Contemporary, the gallery's new Paris location at Rue d'Aboukir. Marking the artist's third solo exhibition with the gallery, this exhibition explores the implicit links between humans and nature, occurrences and developments, including metal sculpture, gouache paintings and drawings, etc. 

Through the poetic depiction of the four elements — Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Tess gives us leads to exploring these "invisible links". She encourages us to reconsider the relationship that humans maintain with Nature, their origin, their dependence, their connections, just like the protagonist in her works, immersed by the starry sky, the flower fields, the waterlily pond, and the wheat field.

In this exhibition, the artist multiplies the mediums and techniques in a kind of organic fusion. In this way, the artist deepens these links which coexist all around us. It is therefore through these allegories of fertility, and the appearance of life that the artist questions us about the vital rooting to Nature.