Nisky YU

2020/04/29 - 2020/06/13
Galerie Dumonteil is delighted to present “NISKY”, the eponymous show of local artist Nisky Yu. Featuring more than 20 recent paintings and drawings, the exhibition deciphers the artist’s multi-dimensional space composed of fine arts, music, literature, and movies, among other fields. Through the guidance of poem extracts, on-site improvisation, and Nisky’s original music on-demand, it invites the audience to experience a unique audio-visual journey that explores the mind and the self, reality and imagination.

Behind Nisky’s cross-field and cross-cultural “Metacollage” creations are the artist’s deep understanding of art inclusiveness and his unremitting exploration of the possibility of painting with his broad interests and vast knowledge. Let us approach the inner world of Nisky Yu through “NISKY”.