17 March - 30 April 2017
Paris, France
Galerie DUMONTEIL (Paris) is happy to present the new series of works by NISKY on the occasion of his first European solo show.

It is the amazing diversity of his knowledge, where East and West cleverly intertwine, that allows NISKY to be an exceptional painter. For this series, he explored the artistic concept of “Metacollage” which consists in the reconstitution of a “syntactic structure” based on elements apparently without linking or even contradictory. The artist takes us along on a journey inside his labyrinthine stories, which far inside from getting us lost, help us uncover new “directions” for our reflexions. Trained Musician, NISKY uses his canvas as a composer would a soundboard, thus enabling a parallel between pictorial and musical creation. This exhibition is conceived as a music album following a homogenous tone and a narrative thread.