MISA:The Carnival of Animals

20 July - 30 June 2021
No. 1380 Middle Fuxing Rd, Shanghai
Galerie DUMONTEIL is pleased to collaborate with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to present the exhibition of Monumental Sculptures by French artists Daniel DAVIAU and Tess DUMON. This exhibition will last for the whole 2020-2021 musical season at SSO, including 5 pieces of monumental sculptures: Hippopotamus, Barnaby, Giraffe, Canadian Moose, Mare and Foal. The name of the exhibition is inspired by the song The Carnival Of Animals of the famous French composer Charles Camille Saint-Saëns, designed to convey music, art and happiness to the public.

Animals have always been an important theme in the history of art — from the vivid single-line depictions of prehistoric Lascaux caves, to the subjective imageries of animals in medieval era, and to the groundbreaking animal-oriented creation during the Renaissance. In the 20th century, the outbreak of war revealed the brutality and cruelty of human beings. Artists further broke the tradition and began to portray the sensitivity and fragility of animals, contrasting the “humanity” of animals with the "bestiality" of humans.

On the basis of his predecessors, Daniel Daviau used the "patina" technique to deeply depict different animal individuals, and displayed their unique personality in a witty manner. The outline of his work is strong and clear, and at the same time is full of mild and childlike atmosphere, watching you with its determined eternity and calmness. Tess Dumon uses a large-scale metal mesh sculpture with a visually stunning effect. The aluminum wire and stainless steel mesh used in the work perfectly reflect all incident light, making the animal look like a ghost floating in the air. The glittering fantasy effect is in sharp contrast with its dramatic meaning and rough and sharp hand-made materials. Tess Dumon's artwork revolves around love and pain, triggering the hidden and profound common human emotions.

Although the starting point for the creations by the two artists is from their own artistic pursuit and inner experience, in the context of the current era, it has also aroused our attention to ecological balance.