Henk van Rensbergen
No Man’s Land

2021/01/15 - 2021/02/27
Shanghai, China
Galerie DUMONTEIL is pleased to present Belgium photographer Henk van Rensbergen‘s solo project, featuring a representative selection of the artist’s two renowned series, “Abandoned Places” and “No Man’s Land”.

“Abandoned Places”, a series that grew out of the “Urban Exploration” movement that Van Rensbergen and his friends started in the 1990s, focus on the silent beauty and macabre decay of these places. Following the principle of “take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints”, they explored the unoccupied buildings of our time. 

With the three publications of the “Abandoned Places” series, Van Rensbergen began his search for a new entry point, which led to the project “No Man’s Land”, in which he creates an imaginary anthropomorphic world where animals live in our abandoned buildings after the demise of mankind, showing undeniable human behavior.

These “occupants” have added a touch of poetry and poignancy to these abandoned buildings. “No Man’s Land” is a lament like that of the French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour in his book “Où atterrir? (Where to Land?). 

Henk van Rensbergen’s works are a closer look at the decay and drastic changes that have taken place behind the rapid urbanization over the past century, offering an alternative perspective on the times we currently live in.