Eric Pillot

2021/03/06 - 2021/04/27
Shanghai, China
Galerie DUMONTEIL Shanghai is pleased to present French photographer Eric Pillot’s most recent series “Parois (Walls)”, featuring a representative selection of 14 works produced in 3 varied dimensions. Following the success of the series “In Situ” and “Horizons”, the artist once again evokes the viewer’s imagination with "Parois" through his architectural, pictorial, and poetic approach to the image, and further explores the connection between people, landscape, and space.

In this series, Eric Pillot lays his eyes on these erected walls that accompany our footsteps and shape our landscapes, but to which we pay little or no attention. Under Pillot’s lens, each wall has been detached from its environment, inviting the viewer to re-examine their existence as independent subjects.

Fruit of Straight Photography, the “Parois” series uses the principle of a frontal, sharp, leak-free, transformation-free shot. Pillot’s work also reconciles the depth of plane and space. Without setting or decoration, he discards perspective and flattens the space composed of walls and grounds through an intuitive frontal view. In an almost abstract expressionist manner, Pillot manipulates these wall elements like paint, presenting landscapes that stray from the border between figuration and abstraction, leaving the viewer lost between realism and abstraction, painting and photography.

In addition, the concept of time is reflected in Eric Pillot's works. The time in “Parois” is the passage of time embedded in the ruined walls — the partially peeling surface, the faded paints, the plants grow in the cracks of the walls, as nature is also active in this landscape of the time. Humans are absent from the frame, but their very absence gives the viewer complete freedom of interpretation. Each viewer can imagine the stories behind all the paints, cracks or stains, and on the other side of the wall in "Parois"
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