Clément Borderie & Cat Loray
What if there was a way to see with our eyes shut…

21 April - 19 May 2018
Shanghai, China
Galerie Dumonteil is very pleased to present the exhibition Cat Loray & Clément Borderie - What if there was a way to see with our eyes shut... in Shanghai from April 21 to May 19, 2018.

Complementing each other through their differences, Cat Loray and Clément Borderie let us discover their respective ways of taming space and/or time through their works. An exhibition filled with surprises, this new program unfolds in the Gallery’s space in Shanghai for the first time. The bringing together of works by Cat Loray and Clément Borderie confronts us with an evidence which proves the passage of something essential through the exhibited objects in a kind of quasi-asymptotic affinity.

Clément Borderie (b.1960, France)creates installations that are akin to the art of sculpture and painting. In nature, he installs metal structures of various shapes and sizes, on which he stretches canvases. In this type of setup, he lets the canvases react with the elements which result in unique patterns and markings over the passage of time and the transition of seasons. Thenceforth, these blank canvases become a space for experimental creation. Clément Borderie wants to capture the essence of a place, create its spatio-temporal identity card, and reveal what is imperceptible, in other words, those minute details which ordinarily escape us.

Cat Loray (b. 1962, France) paints what she sculpts and sculpts what she paints. Expressing her artistic vision by using a wide range of materials, she clearly refers herself to the organic world from which she captures its essence through a variety of mediums and varying artistic formats. Through geometric forms that are half-figurative and half-abstract, she freely reinvents the objects and the items that surround her through large uniform areas of white.

What one perceives through the weight of Clément Borderie's paintings, the salt stones of Clément Borderie and the drawings, paintings, and sculptures of Cat Loray is the same approach to the portrayal of Reality. In other words, through the forces at play between sometimes contradictory elements that are simultaneously coherent and antagonistic, one observes an enterprise through which the two artists “Produce Life” with space, time and the spacetime of the artworks. This "bonding" is only present when the state of energy reaches the stage of equilibrium, a crucial state that the two artists have to identify.
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