Terrestrial Paradise

16 September - 15 October 2017
Paris, France
From 16 September to 15 October 2017, Galerie DUMONTEIL presents, as a part of its “Modern” exhibitions program, a never-before-seen selection of work by the 1930s painter and illustrator, Camille ROCHE.

Terrestrial Paradise

“Terrestrial Paradise”: this exhibition will put in perspective Camille ROCHE’S works, drawings, folding screens, studies and projects, representing the immense diversity of his work with Art Déco accents, always centered around the two themes at the core of the DUMONTEIL Gallery: Nature and Animal.

Along with this, an ensemble of sculptures realized by Camille ROCHE’S contemporaries will be presented, principally from the celebrated artistic group, the Groupe des Douze, which includes François POMPON, George-Lucien GUYOT and Charles ARTUS.

The Animal at the Core of the Work

The animal returns as a recurring theme in Camille ROCHE’S work. Sometimes domestic, sometimes wild, from garden animals to forest animals, the artist’s work is filled with does, swans, exotic birds and panthers. It was in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris where the artist drew his inspiration.

Camille ROCHE did not try to represent the animal in an anatomical way, but he looked to, above all, capture the movement, the animal’s gaze, without ever leaving out the details. His drawings, with their strong Art Déco accents, do not fail to reveal the artist’s own style, which earned him the critics’ praise on many occasions.

The abundance of natural elements, in perfect harmony with the animals, create a veritable garden of Eden. This artist’s willingness to express happiness and beauty, places his work in a wider scope and vision, one that looks to escape reality and to forget the scars left behind by the First World War.

Nature as a Source of Inspiration

In addition to the Animal, Nature in all its entirety is invoked in each one of Camille ROCHE’S pieces. Inspired by the fascinating scenery and gardens which he encountered during his travels in Tunisia and Italy, Camille ROCHE creates havens of peace, where nature’s elements all come together in perfect unison.

The banks of the Loire, the forest’s undergrowth which surrounds it, the wild sand beaches on the banks of the river, and the carefully kept garden by his spouse, become recurring motifs in his work.

His exceptional mastery of artistic techniques allowed him to translate and transpose the long hours he spent observing nature. His incredible diversity and his adaptability and versatility, manifested itself in the choice of materials, always original (porcelain or wood panels), the precious materials such as gold and silver leaf, lacquer panels, linoleum, stucco and techniques like fresco, tempera, oil, watercolor and pastels...

Even though his work is infused with influences from the Far East, Camille ROCHE, the painter-decorator (the title that would follow his name in the official catalogs) created his own original artistic handwriting.
For the occasion, and in announcing the presentation of this exceptional and historic piece at the gallery du- ring the Biennale des Antiquaires in September 2017, a monograph will be published and presented for the rst time to the public.

It will retrace Camille ROCHE’S artistic evolution, from his personal projects for Coco Chanel to his collabo- rations with his brother, the designer Serge ROCHE, through their trips in Italy and in Tunisia, which had a profound effect on the artist’s work, always imprinted by poetry, dreamlike and sensitive, like a hymn to Nature and its intimate rapport with life.