Coppa della Mistica | Sèvres

Michele De Lucchi (born in 1951)
Year of creation: 2011
Sèvres Porcelaine
24 carat gold and bronze
42.9 x 19 cm
Two large French manufactories, Sèvres – Cité de la Céramique and Baccarat, have jointly provided Michele De Lucchi with their expertise, their respective history, and skills to produce at the same time, one in hard paste porcelain, the other in cut crystal, three forms of footed cups, born from the imagination of the Milanese architect.

These refined coups seem inflated from the delicate food close with a discreet cabochon, an expression of an assertive and tight design. Coppa dell'etica is flat and wide, the Coppa della mistica (illustration) is tall and refined, the Coppa dell'estetica, original matrix of the project is the synthesis. Each cup is elevated as levitation or spiritual meditations.