The Zoo of Antwerp has been an place for inspiration for the numerous animal sculptors coming from the School of Anvers. Like Rembrandt Bugatti or Albéric Collin before him, this is where Thierry VAN RYSWYCK (1911-1958) carefully studied the wild animals; his favourite subjects.

Van Ryswyck was the student of the Belgian sculptor Josué Dupon, a close friend of Bugatti and whose monumental bronze animals adorned the famous Zoo of Antwerp. By his side, Van Ryswyck learned the skills of sculpture and ceramic, his talent had soon brought him recognition by the art critics of his period. He would later collaborate with the ceramist Roger Guérin in Bouffioulx and the Belgian Ceramic Society: ‘Cerabel', in Baudour.

Van Ryswyck worked mostly with either bronze or plaster, although his bestiary is comprehensive, he had a particular fascination with the more exotic animals. Aspiring to capture the intrinsic characteristics of his subjects, he often sculpted his animals in their typical demeanours. Through this fashion, he emphasises the animalistic vitality within each of his subjects.

VAN RYZWYCK remains one of the most talented unsung artist of his era and the last representative of the School of Antwerp. He co-operated alongside various Belgian foundries, but most of his work was accomplished in France, he settled there and worked at times with Alexis Rudier but largely with the ‘Susse-Frères’ Foundry.


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