Born in Paris in 1969, Michel Temman studied history, international relations and geopolitics at the Paris I-Pantheon Sorbonne University. In the same time, he began his career as a journalist by writing for L'Autre Journal, Le Matin, Actuel and Le Nouvel Observateur.

He then settled in Japan for twenty years, where he worked as a Tokyo correspondent for Liberation (2002-2012) and also collaborated with ELLE, HQ, Vogue Men, and The Insane. He also published several essays, including “The Japan of André Malraux” (Picquier, 1995) and “Kitano by Kitano” (Grasset, 2010).

Living in Shanghai since 2012, as an ex-editor-in-chief of the Tara Expeditions Journal, Temman is currently the Asia mission leader of Tara Ocean Foundation. At the same time, he keeps his practice in abstract photography, "as if I were doing something," he says. Inspired by pop art and surrealism, Temman’s work is based on color and seeks for deep contrast.

Michel Temman’s photographs have been exhibited at SuperChina Gallery (Shanghai, 2016) and Gallery 28 (D-House) (Xiamen, 2017), and have recently been presented by Gallery ArtCN during PhotoFairs Shanghai. Invited by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, his work “Flag Power” was featured in Christian Boltanski’s installation “Draw Me a Flag”.


Born in 1969 in Paris (France)
Ex-correspondent for Libération (2002-2012) and Ouest France in Japan
Asia Director of Tara Expeditions and Editor-in-chief of Tara Expeditions’ newspaper


2016: After Words, SuperChina Art Gallery, Shanghai


1995: Collective exhibition (Autumn in Japan), National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
2016: After Words, SuperChina Art Gallery, Shanghai
2017: Four Abstracts, Maison Dada, Shanghai
PhotoFairs Shanghai, with ArtCN Gallery
Crossing the Lines, 28 Gallery, D-House, Xiamen
2018: Slow, by Ne-On, at CuUnion Concept Fair, Shanghai
Flag Power, in « Draw me a Flag », based on an idea by Christian Boltanski, produced by Cartier Foundation for contemporary art, Power Station of Art Museum, Shanghai
Flag Power, in « Draw me a Flag / Dibujame una bandera », Bienalsur, Plaza Ruben Dario, Buenos Aires; and FGV-Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio


1994: Canon Foundation Support for the publication of « Malraux and Japan – A story of revelation »
1995: Laureate of Canon Foundation, Amsterdam
2010: UFJ Prize 2010 (Best cinematographic biography).


Michel Temman, Shanghai, City Guide Louis Vuitton, 2015
Michel Temman, Seoul, Louis Vuitton City Guide, 2014
Michel Temman, Tokyo, Louis Vuitton City Guide, 2013
Michel Temman, Kitano by Kitano, Grasset, 2010
Michel Temman, Xabi Etcheverry, Being 20 years old in Tokyo, Editions alternatives, 2005
Michel Temman, Japan by André Malraux, Philippe Piquier, 1998


2019.09.21 – 2019.10.27
Shanghai, China