Entanglement Hearts Series
“Entanglement Hearts Series” represents the invisible “Entanglement” of life and non-life. This is a series that I have been drawing since I was a student. The “heart”, as a symbol of life, is reconstructed and depicted as a model of invisible “entanglement” that interweaves countless forms of life and non-life. Many distinct players make up the “heart” — animals, insects, plants, fungi, viruses, minerals, and man-made objects ― all are with us, surround us, support our lives, and are supported by us.

The stories of “entanglement” with all these players, however, are not always happy. The drawings also tell unhappy stories of sometimes scrambling, sometimes killing each other, and sometimes usurping and stealing from one another. What keeps us alive? What relationships do we have with others? I always reconsider these questions as I draw.

When I'm at the mercy of the ever-changing world, it's easy to forget what's important, but I want to continue drawing this series as a notebook for memories that should not be forgotten. It's like stopping by the roadside on a sunny afternoon and gently reaching for the neglected grass by the roadside.


Born in Tokyo in 1987, Maki Ohkojima was graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design in 2011. Ohkojima is a multidisciplinary artist expressing herself through painting, mural and video. Her work focuses on the lifecycle and connection between humans, the environment, animals, and spirit – the grand connection of everything physical and energetic. She strives to share the views of many creatures—birds, forest, germs, minerals or monkeys awakening— onto her own inner world and draw the tale of the world from these views. According to Mami Kataoka, curator at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Ohkojima’s works reflect the influence of “premodern techniques, daring on ancient mythology, shamanism, and ritual that is carried on today in diverse cultural areas around the world”. For Okhojima, art is like a device able to show the audience various views and way of thinking.

In 2017 Ohkojima was invited to join the Tara schooner for a residency onboard of one month and a half from Guam to Yokohama. This experience was a unique opportunity to “to know more about climate change and what is happening in the water. All of the ocean, the forest, the creatures – they are all connected and humans are just a part of the larger circulation of the universe”. Her previous work focuses on the life cycle of the forest and now she is moving her focus from land to the ocean – “since it is all connected”.

Ohkojima has also taken part in several artists’ residencies in Poland and Mexico and her work has been exhibited in Japan, China and France. 


1987 Born in Tokyo, Japan


2009 Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Painting, Japan
2011 Joshibi University of Art and Design, M.A, Department of Painting, Japan


Origin and dialogue/wood,fire,earth,metal,water, Gakuyu-kan, Akita prefecture Misato city, Japan 

Bones, the Solids inside of the body. – petrified plants, HARUKAITO, Tokyo, Japan

L’oeil de la Baleine/ eye of whale, Aquarium in Paris, France
When trees distribute their lives, Volvo Studio, Aoyama, Japan  

Sleep of all things, Vessels of the earth, Fuchu Museum, Open show making room, Tokyo, Japan 

Birds, sing the songs of the earth, through my bones,  Dai-ichi Life South Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Wild light, Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 

Chanting gene, Volcanoise, Tokyo, Japan 

The big forest comes down, from the sea of universe, like this, Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo entrance hall, Shimane, Japan
In The Forest, Seibu Sibuya, B alternative space, Tokyo, Japan
The call of the animals became the voice of the spirits, Kamnung brought rain, and people to cultivate the ground, island MEDIUM, Tokyo, Japan

Orange moon and light blue sun, Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo, Japan

f.tiger’s, Tokyo Metropolitan Building, Tokyo, Japan

Deep Blue - A Tribute To Tara, DUMONTEIL, Shanghai, China
Setouchi Triennale in Awashima, Japan
Tomorrow’s Harvest, Aomori Museum of Art, Japan

Journey of Painting My Place Our Scenery, MA2 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

The Iris of a Wol, Block House, Tokyo, Japan
Crossing of picture and words are beginning of the story, Art Museum&Library, Ota, Japan

Mingtai culture, Beijing, China
ART NOVA 100 +1, Shanghai, China
Wall Art Festival with noco 2016, Khadkipada, Maharashtra, India
Planetary Garden, MA2 Gallery, Tokyom Japan

The UNIVERSE, Sakuragaoka Museum, Aichi, Japan
ART NOVA 100, Beijing, China
Qusamura ×10 island Japan NADiff A/P/A/R/T, Tokyo, Japan

Art line Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
Earth Art Project, Ladakh, India
The Vision of Contemporary Art 2014,Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Island View, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Renacimiento, Sebastian Fandacion, Mexico
Wall Art Festival 2013, Ganjad Village, Mandir, India

Power of a Painting, NADiff a/p/a/r/t,Tokyo, Japan

PROMISED LAND / SUMMER SHOW, Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan
Power of a Painting, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Wonder Wall 2009, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
JOSHIBI Degree Show 2008, Bank ART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, Japan 

Agorá of Multi, JR Ueno station, Artist in residence in CREARE Atami Yugawara, Japan
Mural "Survive" in THotel Metropolitan Kawasak, Tokyo, Japan
Mural painting to elementary and middle school in Misato-cho, Akita prefecture, Japan (2016-2020)

Mural in 2 room- “Transformation- Genome” and “Brain door” in The University of Tokyo, Entrepreneur Lab, Tokyo, Japan

Awashima Artists Village Regency, Mitoyo-city, Kagawa pre, Japan
Ceiling mural of the Ocean- in International Coastal Research Center of Otsuchi Iwate prefecture, University of Tokyo, Japan

Agros Art Project “Tomorrow’s Harvest “ Aomori Museum of Art, Japan
Tara expedition, Special façade, and exhibition, Agnes b Aoyama, Japan
Atlas of celestial globe narrated by light, Tamarokuto Science Center Planetarium new program release, Japan Artist in residence in TARA Ocean Expedition, produced by Agnes b from France

Banquet of hole creature, A painting on the ceiling in the Minamisawa Hikawa shrine/ Higashikurume Art Project, Japan

Artist in residence in Sebastian Fandacion, Mexico

Workshop “Let’s see the sea, forest, sky, and universe from Soshigaya “Soshigaya elementary school and shopping street, requested by Setagaya Art Museum, Japan

Workshop “Let’s be the forest people! “Verde Karuizawa, planning by Nerima Art Museum, Japan
Artist in residence at the 6th international Plein-air meeting of painters, Stary Soncz, Poland

VOCA Encourage Prize
Terada art award Natsunosuke Mise Prize

Prise of Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo Wonder Wall 2009, Tokyo

Takifuji Art Award


JAPIGOZZI Collection
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited, Tokyo, Japan
MisatoJunior High School, Sennan elementary school, Senhata elementary school, Misato city community center, Akita prefecture of Japan
Ceiling picture “ Banquet of hole creature.” dedication in the Minamisawa Hikawa shrine” Atlas of celestial globe narrated by light” Tamarokuto Science Center Planetarium new program release
Provide constellations to Tamarokuto Science Center Planetarium
Ceiling mural of the Ocean- in International Coastal Research Center of Otsuchi Iwate prefecture, The University of Tokyo.


2019.09.21 – 2019.10.27
Shanghai, China


February 2021
+ Asahi Advertising (Japanese)

April 2020
+ Life Magazine (Chinese)