Born in 1937, Jean-Daniel Lorieux is one of the most famous photographers of his generation.

As a legend of the photography industry, a master of pictorial art, close to celebrities in the world, Lorieux is a stunning momument in the creative industry worldwide.

Ranking with famous artists such as Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, Lorieux has workd with the leading fashion magazines for over twenty years and signed contracts with top fashion designers (Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, Céline, Dior, Lanvin…) for their gorgeous campaigns.

He travels around the world in pursuit of the sun and has marked his style through photographs with very contrasting colors or extraordinary fashion demostrated by women and men, highlighting a distinguished eroticism. As a glamourous photographer and an elegant man, numerous great figures in the world have acted as an object in front of his camera as well as many top models.

After the exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, he collaborated with Isabelle Adjani for realizing a huge photography series based on The Master and Margarita, a book by Mikhaïl Boulgakov.



1937: Birth in Paris

1940: Posing with her mother, a sublime woman, in front of Laure Albin-Guillot's lens for a poster "France which protects her children".

1955: Enter in the Arts Field in order to become an engineer. He interrupted his studies before graduating and enrolled in drama lessons of René Simon (or Cours Simon).

1960: He is sent to the front in Algeria as a war photographer.

1962: Back to Paris. He is doing an internship at Studio Harcourt. He learns light, technique and discovers the world of great personalities and "showbiz".

1964: Settles rue Ampère, in a mansion on the first floor of which lives Carla Bruni. It's the beginning of a long friendship. When Carla moved out, Marc Lévy moved upstairs and became one of Jean-Daniel's great friends.

1965: He meets Robert Caillé, director of Vogue magazine. Jean-Daniel Lorieux confides to him his wish to become a fashion photographer. On the tone of humor, Robert Caillé propose to come back to see him when he "really has a nice car"

1966: At Club 7, rue Sainte-Anne, famous disco in vogue, he meets Pierre Cardin. This one proposes to Jean-Daniel Lorieux to photograph the twenty most beautiful male models of the planet. Jean-Daniel then has no experience as a fashion photographer. Photography travels around the world and allows Jean-Daniel Lorieux to enter the closed circle of fashion photographers.

1967: Thanks to his remuneration for Pierre Cardin, he can finally buy a "nice car". At the wheel of his Bentley, he returns to see Robert Caillé, and is engaged on the field. He worked for Vogue for 20 years.

1968: Called to replace Helmut Newton on a photo shoot for Vogue USA, he takes the torch of the campaign for Paco Rabanne. From then on, the biggest luxury brands will call his talent.

1979: Meeting Cécilia Ciganer-Albeniz (who will become Cécilia Sarkozy). After a three-year relationship, they decide to get married at Royaumont Abbey, but 20 days later, the marriage is postponed to a later date. It never happened.

1985: Triffie wife with whom he will have a first child (Nickolas)

1986: Realizes the clip of "Like a hurricane" sung by Stéphanie de Monaco

1995: For the Official, he photographs the Haute Couture collection of the creator Ichiro Kimijima, which leaves him carte blanche. Jean-Daniel decides to reconstitute in New York the decor of the US Navy. He calls on Karen Mulder and hires an American Navy aircraft carrier, two helicopters, a fire truck, motorboats, limousines, a crew and two warplanes. This is the time of excess, where everything is allowed.

1997: For the magazine Monsieur, he goes to a prestigious hotel on the island of Barbuda, in the West Indies. Lady Diana and her two sons also reside in the hotel. Out of respect, Jean-Daniel does not take any pictures of her. He is not a paparazzo. He photographs the damp tracks of his footsteps on the burning slats that encircle the pool from which she has just emerged. A symbolic photo, a moment stolen, immortalized a few months before the tragic accident. The same year, he married Katherina with whom he had two children (Lukas and Maya).

2000: After meeting Andy Warhol, he decides to reinterpret his own photographs in the pop art style. He creates portraits in the pop art style that will be an immediate success.

2007: In December, an exhibition of his work is organized in Moscow.

2008: Eugene Yakovlev, a rich Russian industrialist, asks Jean-Daniel to stage and photograph an interpretation of Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita.

1991: Exhibition of photographs by Jean-Daniel Lorieux at the Paris City Hall

2000: Retrospective exhibition at the Paris City Hall.
            Exhibition at the Sursock Museum in Beirut

2001: Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the Australian Embassy in Paris.

2002: Exhibition of photographs at the Daniel Besseiche Gallery, Rue Mazarine Paris 75006

2004: Exhibition of photographs at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.
           Exhibition of photographs at the Gallery Léadouze in Paris ("Claudia Cardinale”)
           Exhibition at the Carolyn Farb Foundation (Huston).
           Exhibition on the occasion of the Film and Book Festival at the Palais Grimaldi in Monaco.

2005: Guest of honor at the Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes.
           Exhibition in Hong Kong at the Ingrid Brochard Gallery.

2006: Painting exhibition at the Palace Hôtel de Gstaad, Switzerland

2007: Exhibitions of paintings at Espace Dessange in Paris.
           Painting exhibition at the Palace Hôtel de Gstaad, Switzerland.
           Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow.
           Exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History

2008: Exhibition of photographs and paintings in Brussels in the BMW space with the Young Gallery
           Exhibition at the Victoria Art Museum in London.
           Exhibition for the Photography Fair at the top of the Grimaldi space.
            Meeting with Eugène Yakovlev who entrusted Jean Daniel Lorieux with a photographic commission based on the famous Russian novel "The Master and Marguerite" by Mikhail Bulgakov with the participation of Isabelle Adjani. A series of exhibitions is planned for France and Russia.
            Exhibition at the Hugues Pénot Gallery in La Baule.

2009: Exhibition of the series "The Master and Marguerite" at the Galerie Ariane Dandois, Paris 75008.
            Exhibition of the "Master and Marguerite” in the Spiridonov mansion under the high patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Communication on the occasion of the beginning of the Franco-Russian year in Moscow.
            Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the Hotel Port Palace de Monaco, dedication "Confidences of a Thief of Instants”
            Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the Caroline Dechamby Gallery in Cran- Montana from September 4th to September 30th. 
            Exhibition of animated photographs of "Master and Marguerite” on Panasonic plasma screen at the Bal de Paris, Franco-Russian cross-year.
            Sale of a "Workbook" box from the "Hurricane" Clip at the Fight Aids gala organized by Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

2010: Exhibition of the photographic series of "The Master and Marguerite" in St Malo at the festival "Stunning Travelers" from May 22nd to May 24th.
           Exhibition of paintings at the Daniel Besseiche Gallery in St Tropez.
           Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the inauguration of the restaurant "La petite maison" in New York.

2011: Exhibition of photographs and paintings in Biarritz at the Galerie de Fabien Mathieu.
          Exhibition at the Galerie Léadouze in Paris. Auction of 2 photographs at the Espace Drouot (best selling).
          Exhibition of photographs and paintings at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.
          "Art of Fashion", a photographic exhibition at the Neiman Marcus Gallery (Houston).
           Exhibition of photographs at the Houston Fair ART FAIR.
           "Go West" Exhibition at UNESCO in Paris and then in Houston at the William Tower Gallery.
           Exhibition of photos and paintings at the Galerie Schortgen Artworks (Luxembourg).

2012: Collection of Photographs presented by OPERA GALLERY throughout the world.
          Exhibition at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

2013: Exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris

1985: "Coconuts", text by Jean-François Leroy

1991: "Jean Daniel Lorieux", catalog published by the City of Paris

2002: "Total screen" / ETAI (Texts by Irène Frain)

2005: "Looks" / LAFON

2006: “Portraits” / LAFON (Texts by Marc Lambron)

2008: "Confidence of a Thief of moments" / LAFON (Preface by Marc Lévy) by Jean- Daniel Lorieux

2013: Release of a photography book "The principality of Monaco seen by Jean Daniel Lorieux".


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