Diego Giacometti (15 November 1902 – 15 July 1985) was a Swiss sculptor and designer, and the younger brother of the sculptor Alberto Giacometti. The artist's whimsy about the animal kingdom is closely tied to the mystery and dream of his childhood. Diego Giacometti first began using animal imagery in his work around 1935, perhaps deeply influenced by his upbringing on the family farm in the rugged, alpine region of Bregaglia in Switzerland. Gradually the artist combined the daily life images of the cats, dogs and horses on the farms with the wilder elements of owls, deers and wolves in the mountains, weaving a bronze world of fantasy.

The artist used clay to shape his animal image, and then cast it with bronze. His work was always presented in a witty drama scenario, leaving the audience with room for imaginations and fantasies. The abstract elements of the artist's work also implies natural components, for example, the joins of crossbars can have a vine-like texture, while the structural components of his furniture usually have a wonderfully organic surface texture.

In an interview with Patricia de Beauvais, the artist explained the origin of Promenade des amis and the reason why the work is presented in a form for a console table: "It was for a client who organized charity auctions to promote animal rights. So considering this, I added a horse with three little dogs, one of which is ‘watering’ the tree, the other who sniffs him. I had one client ask me to remove it. It bothered her, but they are dogs and this is what they do, I told her.”