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Born in Paris, Georges-Lucien GUYOT (1885-1973), whose Work is as strong and charming as his personality, is one of the greatest animalier Artists of the 20th century. From his very first pieces, Guyot has encountered significant recognition. Nowadays his reputation is international.

After World War One, Guyot sets up his studio at the ‘Bateau-Lavoir’, known as the ‘Art Temple’ , he will not leave the place until he is compelled to, owing to a fire incident that destroyed the building in 1970.

By 1920, Guyot’s works are constantly being showcased at the most prestigious Parisian art fairs. Always wandering along the Jardin des Plantes, he restlessly studies the anatomy and postures of each of his subjects. Throughout his career, plenty of renowned galleries have displayed his works, among them are the likes of: ‘Bernheim Jeune’, ‘Druet’, ‘Devambez' & ‘Malesherbes’ Gallery.

Guyot received several state commissions, particularly during the International Exhibition of 1937 for which he produced the monumental gold and bronze sculpture “Horses and Dog”, which adorns one of the Trocadéro’s fountains.
In 1947, the city of Laguiole called on him to create a sculpture for the towns’ ‘Foirail Square’; the illustrious “Aubrac’s Bull sculpture”, was then to become the towns’ symbol. His Monumental “Stallion of Haras de Callac” is also outstanding.

Guyot’s success and renown was substantial throughout the 1930’s, however his reputation was consecrated in 1972 when he won the ‘Edouard-Marcel Sandoz’ Prize. He is certainly the most accomplished animal artist as he knew how to express himself with equal talent through both sculpture and drawing.

Monkeys, bears, big cats and horses have been the subjects of his bestiary’s portfolio, his strong sense of character portrayal and his unending artistic concern to express their inner-feelings has made Guyot a legend amongst animaliers.
Guyot has stated this about his sculptures: « You should never cheat ».
Therefore, his pieces offer a very personal interpretation of the animal, quite different but comparable in quality to the strong personalities of Pompon and Bugatti. At a Salon, Pompon once made a remark about Guyot « There is only one that interests me, it’s Guyot! ».

Nowadays, Pierre DUMONTEIL, is the sole qualified expert appointed by the legatees and exclusive representatives of the Guyot’s succession. He devotes himself to retrace the life and work of the Artist through the creation of ‘Georges-Lucien GUYOT’s Archives’ and by the constant display of his works worldwide.


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