Born in 1953 Paris, Patrick Bintz studied at the Julian Academy in Paris before committing himself to the fine art. He was a student of Gili, Jeanclos and Cesar.

From their teachings, Bintz inherited a true spirit of independence and gained the comprehensiveness required to be a master sculptor.

From early on Bintz was attracted to the aesthetic quality and nature of animals. He spends a great deal of time at the ‘Jardin des Plantes’ and since 1993, he has his own workshop inside the garden’s zoo. From the extensive hours Bintz spent at the menagerie in front of the enclosures, he started to gain a unique intimacy with the animals and talks candidly about them as if they were majestic subjects.

In recent years Bintz has introduced poetry within his works, and through the use of larger formats, he has created a very unique, almost fantastical world. His large columns conjure up images of epic drawings found in the mystical legends of Asian tradition.

Bintz’s work has been exhibited in many of the major international art fairs, such examples include: New York, Brussels, London, Moscow, Palm Beach and Geneva.

Bintz has also participated in many important exhibitions: in Paris at The Hotel de la Monnaie, at the BBK foundation in Bilbao and at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

BINTZ’s work is present in more than a hundred private collections and he is now recognised as one of the very best in his field.


2020.09.19 – 2020.12.26
Shanghai, China
2017.09.23 – 2017.10.10
Shanghai, China


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